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The Laundry Doctor has a new tool in the laundry E.R. This one can help all of you
get a better nights sleep... We are now offering our White Glove Linen Service!

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Our customers appreciate the rigorous attention to detail we give to laundered items. Cotton and linen ware, from tablecloths and napkins to bed sheets and pillowcases, are all returned crisp, pristine and finished. We also proudly use detergents and laundering products form EcoLab the hometown company.

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One of the simple luxuries that the busy life styles have elimited unless you treat your self to a five star hotel stay is sleeping on ironed sheets. Now you can enjoy this luxury in your home for very little cost! Our service includes stain removal, cleaning, pressing, inspection and packaging. Bed linens are bundled in sets to make changing the beds as easy as possible.


Almost all table linens require extensive pressing and must be processed with care and attention. And then there is the change of the stains. When you bring your table linens to us to take care of we not only press them to perfection we also are experts at removing stains. Please remember the get us the table linens as soon as possible the longer a stain sits the harder it is to remove. Have a great Dinner party!


With our 79 inch continuous roller press we can make any flat curtain, drape or sheer look like new or better. We are also affordable our ironer is is designed to be more that three time efficient that other cleaners. Most cleaners press these items in small sections that takes allot of time and is hard to create a constant flat finish.


Washing and Ironing fabrics before assembling a garment or a quilt is an impotent part of creating a quality finished product. We can make the that step easy and quick just bring us your new fabrics and will wash and press them and your ready to start sewing. If the fabric needs to be color fasted we will pre-dry the fabrics in one of our hi-heat commercial dryers to help set the color.

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